Tuesday, June 21, 2005

What is “El Minotaur Blanco”?

“El Minotaur Blanco” is, without a doubt, the most important film being made today. Shot on HD Video, it is a Western, after the manner of the popular Westerns of Jean-Luc Godard. It features a break-dancing robot. It is brilliant. It is sensuous. It is cruel, like a miracle. It is being made by myself and my friends because they recognize its importance and because they are wonderful and easily persuaded.
“El Minotaur Blanco” is already historically significant as the first historically accurate film to be made about the Old West using authentic data and acquisitions from the F1 Time Scoop based in Subic Bay. Many of the emotions and feelings that you will experience in viewing “El Minotaur Blanco” are so terrifically real and intense that some viewers will realize they have never loved. This film will change all that.

What is The Encouraging Voice of the Labyrinth: The “El Minotaur Blanco” Weblog?

“We proceed, deeper and deeper into the labyrinth, forgetting our foot falls, the thread and all else. There is nothing to see in the dark, but we are heartened by the gentle low encouragement of a voice we presume is the Minotaur. He speaks like a father, though we can only partly understand him.”

In response to overwhelming popular demand and interest in the project, we have created The Encouraging Voice of the Labyrinth: The “El Minotaur Blanco” Weblog, the exciting and picaresque story of the making of “El Minotaur Blanco” (described above and below) by the brilliant, beautiful and strong writer, director, actor and producer of “El Minotaur Blanco”. But it is more than that: it is a rousing adventure and cautionary tale, complex series of meditations on modernity, language and obscure movies that Tom makes me watch. It is an empirical experiment as I try to save money by only eating foods from the dollar store and a journey within, as this means I spend a lot of time in the bathroom. It is a sociological study of an advanced late capitalist American city before its total destruction; it is a grammatical investigation that relies on description and a shocking candidly autobiographical pornographic narrative that will make your eyes water. It is something you will not only want to read and read again, but will want to read to your children when they visit you in prison.

Has Everything In My Life Up Until This Point Been Some Sort Of Mendacious Lie, Told to Benefit Others?

Yes, and now you are awake. You have craved this self-knowledge. This is the something missing that you wanted to tell people, something so intense, you expressed it as: I love you. But it is something prior to and predicated on love. Blinded, you have hurt yourself and sometimes others. You have despised what you thought was your cowardice, but this was impatience, you were not ready. You must believe, now, the tears that you are trying to wipe away with Cheetos stained fingers and release yourself into vomit filled spasms of real laughter. I welcome you to the world of “El Minotaur Blanco”. But understand this: whoever or whatever truly loves life does not love truth in the same way, or think them the same, for life and truth are often opposed.

I am unreasonably excited by your movie. May I leave everything and follow you?

If you live or can travel to the Los Angeles area you may play an important role in this historically significant film.
“El Minotaur Blanco” is much more than a film. In reality, it is my way of subtly making peoples lives better as I wander the earth, like Michael Landon in Highway to Heaven, only with more violent, terrifying ecstasy. More than a movie, it is lifestyle and an overcoming: For instance, I prepare gourmet meals for each of the cast on a shoot: this allows me to address their nutritional needs; cast members relate that it is the best food they have ever tasted. Rehearsal allows me to address how a cast member speaks and expresses themselves, their gait and physical training. By simple changes in how they talk, present or bear themselves, their weight and the emotional content of their lives; in how they chew their food or breathe in their sleep, what is rehearsed and trained becomes natural and beneficial: many cast members report improved self-esteem, increased income and sexual confidence, the disappearance of long standing formerly untreatable pain and real optimism in their personal future. This is the Life-Film, the organic process out of which the film is created, a process as important and isomorphic with the film itself; both the film and its production are an overcoming and going under, about changing lives in a Rilkean sense, like a production of “Our Town” done by actual cave people, or snuff pornography.

May I give you money and other forms of support?

Yes. My people have a saying: “It takes a whole village to stone a child”. If you believe in what we are doing and wish to help, your contribution will be appreciated and rewarded in ways you cannot begin to imagine.

This is not enough. Will you make love to me?

If you wish, I may make love to you, cruelly, beautifully and slowly like the sound of hot dogs in buns being thrown against the sides of a limo in a motorcade. But first, you must become ready.

I have waited so long. Will I be Transformed?

You have begun. You have made the important choice: to live. Be glad and feel strong. The rest is falling action.

Friends of the Labyrinth

The Encouraging Voice of the Labyrinth: “El Minotaur Blanco” Weblog is a close ally and friend of the Mogblog, and The Flying Fists of Master Grant for whom it will gladly give its life to defend.