Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The End of the Curse and the Beginning

One day, the Minotaur awoke to find that his curse had been lifted: he first noticed that his head was lighter without the horns. Secondly, he was rather shocked by the complete and total absence of the Labyrinth. His peripheral vision made him dizzy. It was strange not walking at right angles: everywhere he seemed to arrive too quickly and by too direct a path. So it was indeed all of a sudden he found himself in a gigantic city, teeming with people, some of whom addressed him as an old friend, for he was old.

The city was grey and strangely beautiful, with random weather and food in very large portions.

And what became of him there? Was there ever a labyrinth -or nothing but? And what of I his encouraging voice? Had I led him out or astray? Could I be heard outside its infinite corners, or was I, too, simply a figure of speech? A way of talking, but not a thing that talked?

I will let you know. As I know, in at least one month's time, if not sooner. Until then, fellow citizen of this merciless city of turns, know that the Encouraging Voice is not silent, but pausing to admire you. That something that speaks at all times and all places, simultaneously, without interruption, perfectly equivocal on every point can never truly be said to be silent, just as the Minotaur was never alone, nor his voice, so long as you were there to hear it.

Van Choojitarom



20 APRIL 2007