Tuesday, July 11, 2006

My Lines From My Porno Movie

pruient pics by crookedletter

-Go and tell your Master that his Masters are here.

-You will pay for this impudence.

-May I introduce my friend, Baron Skin-Eater?

-Good, good.

-Why, hello! Your mommy and daddy aren’t home, are they?

-Yes, I’d like it if you came next Thursday.

-I’d like to open a new bank account, please.

-Oh, about six weeks.

-Get whatever you want on your half.

-Good, good.

-Strip them. Arouse the Mongoloid.

-Oh, nothing much, how about you?

-Strapado: S-T-R-A-P-A-D-O

-Yes, you may borrow it.

-Okay. I am going now.

-One Adult and one Senior Citizen’s Discount please.

-Yes, I would like butter. A lot of butter.

-Good, good.

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