Saturday, April 21, 2007

La Phoenix Rouge Se Levant

Dear Enchanted Listener,

In the past it has been my humble and honest pleasure to simply share with you, as plainly as possible, my thoughts and experiences as they actually occurred in the form of these simple and unambiguous essais.

While I very much intend to continue these unadorned efforts, not the least of which for their moral instruction, I would like to now venture upon a new experiment, hopefully no less enlightening and entertaining, but here, for the first time, through the modality of speculative fiction.

I would ask you to imagine a fantastic and unbelievable world, one that would stretch your imagination to the limit. A city in the middle of nowhere, where the weather is different from one moment to the next. A world with enormous science and knowledge that has turned it back on both. A people who pride themselves on freedom but have none. An implausible world of solitaires.

As in the work of philosophers, we might regard this world and in so doing, discover in its impossibility, the true and authentic features of this world we actually do inhabit.

This will be my method.