Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Notes From My Visit to the Future

1.1 In the future, time travel is a fact of life: an unfortunate fact of life.

1.1 In the future everything is permitted, but nothing is tolerated.

1.1 In the future pain still exists, only now it is appreciated as something in itself.

1.1 In the future crying still exists, but it has come into its own: crying has supplanted all possible reasons for crying. Also: in the future there are no personal pronouns or possessives. Subjectivity has been overcome. So “we” do not cry; “I” do not cry. There is (simply): crying. This is the future.

1.1 Likewise, there is pain. Sometimes the pain is so great, it is unendurable, yet it is endured. This is one of the achievements of the future.

1.1 In the future, it is not possible to sleep.

1.1 The pain passes; into the past or the future, because tense, too has become obsolete.

1.1 By expressing (myself) to (you) in the language of the present my sentences seem paradoxical. They are not. There is a conflict between the language of the present and the concepts of the future or the concepts of the present and the language of the future which is conceptless.

1.1. All things move toward their ends; you seek the causes of calamitous events and suffering in the past; but they originate here, in the future. Your pathos is to for ever seek the myth of origins. Our pathos is to be ruled by your myths.

1.1. Therefore, we say to you: drive your cart and your plow over the bones of the dead.