Monday, September 18, 2006


[ Sure you save ]
[ At our carpet store]
[ but we like to feel we do a little more for you.]
[ Won’t you have some tea?]
[ Please, please, come]
[ you are our customer]
[ our guest]
[ Won’t you make yourself at home?]
[ Please, please, I know you’ve come so far, so very far.]
[ very well, then, have a seat and we will bring the samples to you.]
[ Are you sure you won’t have some tea?]

[ Look at this beauty]
[ Yes, like an insect colony, or flying over a city at night]
[ Watch as I stroke the pile of this carpet, the fibers light up]
[ Imagine walking naked across this rug at night]
[ in an empty, empty house]
[ Can you hear the sound? ]
[ The Lalandian Nain has over a million knots: the eyestalks are quite tender. You will never feel anything quite like it; the neurotransmitters leach to the surface and are mildly psychomimetic, so if you walk barefoot on it, the feeling will continue long after you have put your boots back on again]
[ about a week]
[ also many other memories will be present]
[most of them will be familiar]

[The Luyten Kazak is also a treasure]
[about a billion molecular knots, at least, at first]
[You need never clean it, it replenishes itself on the debris of hair and skin particles]
[You may have to trim it, but you cannot stain it with wine]
[ or blood]
[ it will match anything]
[ and anything will come to match it]

[Teegarten’s Qom is made from, well, they call it a silk, and it is is a silk in the sense that corn has silk]
[Or a voice is silky]
[Can I say, in English, “a silky lie”?]
[It is entirely natural, yes]

[ Ths Kruger Farahan is simply unforgettable: you will never forget the first time you set foot on it]
[The sentropic grasses of Kruger 1a are extroempathic and so there is feedback]
[ You will feel yourself walking on it]
[ the weight of your footsteps]
[ no, no, quite pleasant, a continual seller, you would not believe the]
[ pleasure of being tread upon, over and over]
[ they also make an exterior version]
[ a sort of doormat]
[yes, in teal ]

[ The moon colony mice are sort of novelty]
[ well, they tend to split up and hide from a new owner, which is fun at first but sometimes they remain afraid]
[ sometimes they starve]
[ but it is said they die of fear]
[ you find them months later]
[ in inconvenient places]
[ having constructed the most extraordinary barricades]
[ sometimes booby traps]
[ collecting these “last stands” is something of a collector’s item]
[ a poignant diorama]
[ whole families huddled together in terror]
[ actually, usually there is adequate food and water]
[ yes, what exactly was the cause?]
[ et in arcadia, ego]

[ So, you are not interested in any kind of rug you can also eat, or get milk from? ]
[ Well, as an investment]
[ water reclamation and power]
[ It will also give you children ]
[very affectionate and sweet and tender]
[ also somewhat salty]
[ I understand]
[ Well, that’s why it lactates]
[ Let me just put this away]

[ We call it a Sarab from Kapteyn’s Star, but others call it the “Carpet of Eternal Youth”]
[ you can lie wrapped up in it at night]
[ like fiberglass]
[ with millions of tiny lacerations, but painless]
[ absolutely painless]
[ the skin, nerves and muscle grow back]
[ very quickly, instantly, overnight]
[ they grow back]
[ stronger and more beautiful than before]
[ your cells are programmed to die, but the Sarab]
[ this is the way it reproduces]
[ 30% longer than normal life expectancy]
[ those extra years, however are young and full of energy]
[ incredible energy]
[ more than most have at their peak]
[ many famous entertainers and sports professionals love the Sarab]
[ well, after many extra years full of extra mental energy, increased drive and exceptional sexual stamina you simply die an almost natural death, probably in your sleep]
[ but then nature begins a wonderful transformation]
[ yes, a sort of husking, molting process, the results of which become a beautiful and healthful piece of interior or bedroom decoration]
[ nature’s cycle begins again, here in our showroom and you, or rather your legacy, settles about the shoulder of some beautiful mature sleeping creature]
[ we call it a Sarab, but the natives call it “The Embrace of Ages”]
[ well, they did anyway]
[ no one knows, their cities were entirely abandoned]
[ full of rugs, beautiful, magical, youth giving rugs]
[ scattered everywhere]
[ who knows, maybe even someone famous]

[ You’re quite the serious customer, aren’t you?
[ We like a serious customer]
[ Nothing beneath you but your boots]
[ the pound of the pavement on those predawn jogs]
[ you like nothing beneath your feet, not even air]
[ that’s why you ran so fast, to be the best and the brightest]
[ now you’re here and you can scarcely believe it]
[ no, you never imagined this, how could you?]
[ you know the words]
[ We come in peace]
[ now come on out and accept our gifts, our gifts of friendship]
[ these rugs are our flags]
[ they wrapped you in little blankets like this when you were first born]
[ appropriate, don’t you think? Come out, come out and be born again, be naked]
[ come into our carpet store]
[ you wanted to find something, didn’t you? Well, you did! You found our store! And great savings! Open up in there already! This is one for the history books! I know, you never had time for anything or anyone but flying]
[ in your dreams you flew]
[ and you flew so fast you got here! Unbelievable! I know, nothing touches you. You’re the Iceman. You were always with the program. You were born with the program. Well, I know one thing that touches you. I know one thing you like to do to get to sleep. I know one thing you’ve been itching to do since you got in that capsule. It’s funny that you should think of it now, but I understand you’re a little nervous and you’re trying to: think!]
[ What with all these great prices and incredible choices]
[ remember, remember what it was first like when you learned to touch yourself]
[ you never did anything else “bad” before]
[ or since]
[ But it was your first real discovery, it was your discovery and yours alone because there was no one there to tell you, what is was or where it came from.]
[And what it was, was pleasure]
[ pure pleasure]
[ Later, you figured it out, but at the time you didn’t know if you had invented it, invented the whole thing, pleasure and sin]
[ it can be that way again, again]
[ but you have to forget everything you know]
[ you must stop listening to “good people”]
[ Won’t you come out, now, won’t you come out]
[ You’ve come so far, so far just to sit there behind that glass]
[ Take a step outside]
[ You must blow the hatch, yes, blow the hatch and come outside, with us, naked]
[ Yes, blow the hatch, disarm the safety, blow the hatch]
[ yes, come inside]
[ naked]
[ it is the only way to experience the carpet store]
[ strip down]
[ down to your marrow]
[ beyond simple ideas]
[ yes, who are you? There is no need to cycle the airlock and decompress]
[don’t hold your breath]

[ that’s your blood]

[you are like a flower]

[ walk towards me hurry]
[ yes, how can you cry so much? It is wonderful, so wonderful! Welcome home.]



TURN #80: WEEK 66; WORDS: 70,122


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more than beautiful... it's like, Tabriz with a hard-on.

matthew said...

From "An Introduction to Persian Rugs":

The leather shoes that we all once wore, slipped nicely over the pile, polishing the surface to a fine sheen, without wearing it away. The wonderfully grippy soles of trainers prevent one's feet from skidding, but also do an excellent job of dragging out the fibres: very good news for sellers of rugs and carpets, but bad news for the poor materials under-foot. It's worth mentioning that crepe soled shoes (once called, quite appropriately, 'brothel creepers') are even more destructive.

brothel creepers?